iAstronomer – Discoverers (Age 18 Yrs +)

iAstronomer has a total of 3 categories i.e. for school students, college students, and individuals/adults, in every category you have 48 live astronomy sessions at every week, live doubt clearing sessions, events/competitions/virtual tours/talks every month.

iAstronomer Club : Supernovas (Class 9-12)

iAstronomer emphasises intellectual challenge and encourages students to make connections between what they do in the world. iAstronomer empowers students of this category with STEAM skills and opportunity to do hands on science and scientific collaboration with the peer groups all across the world.

iAstronomer Club: Space Cadets (Class 6-8)

iAstronomer provides students with a broad and balanced practical application of key subjects. iAstronomer develops students’ critical thinking and analytical skills and their ability to communicate ideas effectively.

iAstronomer Club: Shining Stars (Class 3-5)

iAstronomer inculcates understanding in students of this group based on observation and illustration drawn from real time experiences rather than abstractions. Further with its age appropriate content iAstronomer will engage the child in exploratory and hands-on activities to acquire basic

SPACE Launcher 76mm Telescope

NOTE: Not Included in Program Subscription

SPACE Launcher 60mm Telescope

NOTE: Not Included in Program Subscription

iAstronomer Club : Kids (Class 1-2)

iAstronomer understands that 80% of a child’s critical development happens in the early years. Through its learning by doing methodology iAstronomer focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the class and the outside world.

SPACE Launcher 50mm Telescope

Designed for beginners, Space Launcher 50 mm telescope is ideal for sky gazing, land terrestrial observations and viewing stars in the night sky. It is extremely lightweight and comes with an easy no tool set-up system. This telescope incorporates fully coated optics that renders brighter view of the image.