Observational Astronomy and Equipments (Class 9-12)

This session aims to make participants understand the astronomical aspect for home, Planet Earth. They will be introduced to the concepts of the poles and axis, the effect of tilt of the axis on Earth

SPACE Launcher 76mm Telescope

With 3 inches aperture and 700mm focal length, one […]

Astronomy Camp – Senior (Class 6-8)

Students will be learning about the marvels of the night sky. They will go on a beautiful journey where they will going to learn about the beauty of celestial objects out there.

SPACE Launcher 60mm Telescope

The Space Launcher 60mm comes with three eyepieces, 20mm, […]

Astronomy Camp – Junior (Class 3-5)

Students will get to know about the different types of celestial bodies around us seen in the sky like sun, moon, planets, stars, galaxies etc. They will understand the vastness of this universe and will appreciate the beauty of it.

Astronomy Camp – Kids (Class 1-2)

Education and our night sky is never under lockdown!! 10 days of a well-knitted astronomy program, with experts and leading astronomers & educators. A series of demonstrations, activities, do at home astronomy

SPACE Launcher 50mm Telescope

Designed for beginners, Space Launcher 50 mm telescope is ideal for sky gazing, land terrestrial observations and viewing stars in the night sky. It is extremely lightweight and comes with an easy no tool set-up system. This telescope incorporates fully coated optics that renders brighter view of the image.