World Space Week (WSW) is an important international event celebrated since 1999, according to a United Nations (UN) resolution. The week long celebrations held from October 4 to 10 of every year, commemorate two milestones in Space exploration; 4th October marking the launch of the first man- made satellite, Sputnik-1 in 1957 and 10th October marking the day on which the UN declaration for peaceful uses of outer Space came into force in 1967.

SPACE celebrates World Space Week in October, every year:

SPACE celebrates World Space Week in October, every year with many exciting programmes throughout the month of October with its associated schools and enthusiasts in India to join in the largest celebration of public space event based on a specific theme. SPACE encourages everybody to celebrate World Space Week all the way up to the 3rd week of October

Every year, World Space Week Association selects a theme as a guidance for celebration. Our 2021 World Space Week is dedicated to satellites and their broad benefits under the theme “Women in Space”. This year's theme will promote women empowerment and will be dedicated to every woman who achieved success in the field of Astronomy and Space Science. This theme will also encourage the young girls or women to show their capabilities and talent to the world..

SPACE organise numerous activities for the participants during the biggest space event in a year. These activities offers great opportunity for every participant to enhance their skills and interest in space science and Astronomy.

  • Academia
  • Astrotoon Competition: SPACE invited all to join the online Inter-School Astrotoon Competition on the theme SATELLITES IMPROVE LIFE. This competition is organized for. Everyone from various age groups are invited to join in the celebration with colors, and paint their imagination on canvas. They are requested to submit their entries directly, without any prior registrations. In this students of our associated schools will draw a set of cartoons with a story line. The activity will be held from 4th Oct to 15th Oct 2021 in following categories:

    1. Category 1: Class 1st to 3rd (Only one cartoon panel)
    2. Category 2: Class 4th to 5th (Only one cartoon panel)
    3. Category 3: Class 6th to 8th (Cartoon of 4 to 6 Panels)
    4. Category 4: Class 9th to 12th (Cartoon of 4 to 6 Panels)
  • b.
  • Sat from Trash Competition: This activity will only be conducted for class 6th-8th to celebrate World Student's Day. SPACE India will conduct this activity & participants with the trash material (as mentioned in Guideline Document) have to make a model of satellite with the help of it. Three best models will be selected as winners.

  • c.:
  • SPACE Infographic Designing Competition: This activity will only be conducted for class 6th-12th. Students needs to submit the SPACE India will conduct this activity & participants with the trash material (as mentioned in Guideline Document) have to make a model of satellite with the help of it. Three best models will be selected as winners.

  • 2. SAT (SPACE Astronomy Talks) Series
  • – SAT’: SPACE has organized off-beat discussions on Astronomy and Space Sciences from guests around the world and get to know the latest in the field. The sessions were conducted through Google Hangouts & Live Interactions (Seminars)

  • 3. Online/Offile Astronomy and Space Scinece based sessions/clubs/workshops/camps

  • 4. General Activities for People: (activities are mentioned in the science & conduction folder)
    -Sci-Fi Movies
    Astro Fashion
    Astro Cooking

    Organize any Astronomy Event: We recommended to hold any WSW-themed activities during the month of October, and submit the report to the SPACE on [email protected] which will be then compiled bearing the name and sent to the World Space Week team at the UN.
  • Terms & Conditions
    1. Only 1 Cartoon strip per student will be accepted.
    2. Class I to V students have to make a single panel cartoon. Multiple panels will not be accepted.
    3. Category from class VI to XII and Adults can create multiple panels (Minimum 4 and maximum 6) within the sheet to present their storyline.
    4. The participants should do their signature at the bottom right corner of the sheet along with his/her name, class and institution name.
    5. Cartoon Strip should be neatly drawn over. Any coloring medium can be used.
    6. Cartoons will be judged on the basis of originality, technique, style, composition, context, creativity and imagination as well as relevance to the theme.

SPACE India invites entries for the “SAT from the Trash Competition” celebrated under World Space Week 2020 for students of classes 5th to 10th.Under this Event, students will make satellites using trash easily available around them and participate in a friendly competition.

  • About the Competition
  • Participants will prepare a model of a satellite from trash, where trash stands for any in-expensive, discarded material with no utility. Note: Use of any kind of batteries, electronic and electrical gadgets are prohibited.

  • Theme: Satellites Improve Life
  • Let your imagination soar the universe! Visualize how space binds us all as one single species. World Space Week, October 4-10, 2020 will celebrate the role of satellites in bringing the world closer together. The theme is inspired by UNISPACE+50, a historic gathering of world space leaders. UNISPACE+50 will promote cooperation between spacefaring and emerging space nations and help space exploration activities become open and inclusive on a global scale.

  • Categories:
  • Category 1: 5th-6th

    Category 2: 7th-8th

    Category 3: 9th-10th

  • Time duration:
  • The duration of the video while making the satellite can vary from 2 minutes to a maximum of 3 min.

  • Registration:
  • register It will start from 4th October 2020 till 20th October 2020. Note: Participants have to upload the video on the registration link.

  • For technical information about parts of a satellite, refer the below links:
  • click here

    click here

  • Materials to be used / not to be used in the satellite model:
  • S.No To be used Not to be used
    1 Ice cream sticks Corks
    2 Aluminum Foils Scissors
    3 Toothpicks Blades
    4 Tissue papers Knives
    5 Empty plastic bottles Electronic Gadgets
    6 Straws Motors
    7 Matchboxes Electrical Gadgets
    8 Empty unused small boxes Lights
    9 News Papers Batteries
    10 - Any other object which is flammable or sharp


    • You can use any kind of color or other decorating material to decorate your satellite.
    • You can use any kind of binding agent or glue to make your satellite.
    • Scissors and Cutters are allowed only for cutting purposes.

  • To be kept in mind during model making:

    1. The model should not be a working model.
    2. The model should contain all the essential parts of a satellite.
    3. The students should be able to explain the model, its parts and its purpose. They have room for creativity and originality too.
    4. The satellite model should have a relevant name.
    5. The model should not exceed the dimension of 1ft X 1ft X 1ft.
    6. Replica models of famous satellites are also acceptable.

  • Judging Parameters:
  • The models will be judged on the following parameters.

    1. Essential Parts of a satellite
    2. Creativity
    3. Presentation of mode
    4. Explanation about the satellite model

Photographs of satellite models as examples:


Suggested Activities

During WSW, we encourage the schools and students to conduct ANY Astronomy/Space event, to join in the celebration of the largest public space event that is celebrated all over the world. This is a great way to share the knowledge of Astronomy with other students and the community!

A list of programs with some suggested activities that can be conducted by schools and students are mentioned below. Activities are suggested under the WSW 2019 theme that is “Satellites Improve Life”. Please note that details are listed on our website.

In case of any query or difficulty in organizing the event, you can email us at [email protected], for the activities listed below:

  • “SATELLITE” Themed Movie Marathon:
  • Watch your favorite movies related to Satellites with your friends and explore the favorites of your friends!

  • Explore the Night sky with Stellarium:
  • Use Stellarium or any Sky viewing software in the classroom to take your students on a trip to the Moon!

    Just download the latest version of any Sky Viewing software and start traveling!

    1. The current phase of the Moon.
    2. To identify the features of the Moon like Craters, Mares, etc.
    3. To show the landing site of Apollo 11 to the students
    4. Find the landing site of Chandrayaan 2
      You can download the Stellarium software from the link: click here
  • Cosmic Evening:
  • Organize any of the mentioned activities for a grand Cosmic Evening based on “Satellite” theme. An easy and fun way to get together, exchange views and ideas!

    1. Satellite Themed Movie Marathon
    2. Satellite Themed ambiance to take a selfie and enter for Facebook Photo Contest. The best photo will be published on the SPACE India official Facebook page.
  • Cook the Satellite:
  • Organize a Moon themed cooking party. This event could be a cooking or baking party making “Moon” related foods. You could also make planet or star cookies (the ones that don’t turn out!) or experiment with molecular cooking (especially making jelly or using Spherification technique) to bring science into your home! For more reference, you can go through this link to learn more about Spherification. click here

  • Read the classic works of the Space Age:
  • Read a sci-fi, space-themed book or short story by authors. (Such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Orson Scott Card, Robert A. Heinlein, Philip K. Dick, Larry Niven, FrankHerbert, H. G. Wells and many, many more!)

  • Famous Space Themed Person or Object Talk:
  • Dress up as your favorite famous space-themed person or object (ex.Sally Ride or Philae) and give a short talk about who you are and your accomplishments on online medium.

  • Spin-offs from space:
  • Discuss spin-offs from space to Earth to educate the public about how space does help in everyday life. Here is the list of the spin-offs about which you can inform them.

    1. Internet
    2. GPS Technology
    3. Freeze-dried Meal
    4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
    5. Baby Food
    6. Diaper
    7. DTH Service
  • Science – Or is it fiction:
  • Have a sci-fi to science event by talking about science fiction

  • Online Quiz Competition:
  • Organize a WSW themed quiz competition. Get in touch with quiz organizers and team up with them to commemorate WSW with a fun, spacey quiz competition.

  • Lectures:
  • Invite special guests Online or subject matter specialists to lecture on topics of interest about space Discoveries, what space does for us in everyday life and other topics.

  • Conferences, Summits and Seminars:
  • Organize a conference, a summit, symposium or seminar during the month of October. Invite special guests to speak, invite delegates, organize special subject tracks, and arrange a venue.

  • Educational Events:
  • Open school days to have demonstrations and hands-on science experiments for students. Have special guests visit the schools.

    Any further assistance, mail us at [email protected]

For Suggested Activities

It is recommended to register your WSW event at least three days before its conduction. See a list of event suggestions on the ‘Suggested Activities’ tab. On completion of the event, please submit a report to make your event count. Only institutions that register and submit a report will receive a WSW certificate.

Institutions can register their individual event/ activity with us on the registration link given below


Registration starts: September 30, 2020

Last date to submit the reports: October 16, 2020

(send your reports at [email protected])

For Online registration of National AstroToon and SAT from Trash Competition, kindly visit their respective Tabs. any further assistance, mail us at [email protected]

As part of our World Space Week activities, this year we have organized ‘Space and Astronomy Talks – SAT’.

Join us on off-beat discussions on astronomy and space sciences from speakers around the world and get to know the latest in the field. The sessions will be conducted through Google Hangouts.

There are NO registrations required to join the online sessions. These talks are open to anyone who is interested in space. All you need is a Google Plus and click on the link provided.


Winners of 2019

Winners of 2018

Winners of 2017

Winners of 2016

SPACE has been very active in WSW:

SPACE schools have conducted a large number of events for WSW

1000+ events done by SPACE schools over the years

About 80% of events reported from India are by SPACE

SPACE Foundation President Mr. CB Devgun is National Coordinator

SPACE India is active on many social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google+. Please follow SPACE India on these channels!

  • Plan your WSW Event between October 4-10
  • Register your event on the Link
  • Use the WSW India poster to publicize your event.
  • Use social media before, during and after the event:
  • Twitter handle @WSW_INDIA, hashtags: #SpaceIndia, #WorldSpaceWeekIndia, #worldspaceweek2019, #WSW2019, #WorldSpaceWeek, @Spacian, @WSW_INDIA
  • Facebook:World Space Week India, hashtags: #WSW2019, #WorldSpaceWeekIndia, #worldspaceweek2019, #WorldSpaceWeek, @SPACEIndiaEdu, @WorldSpaceWeekIndia
  • Instagram: space_india , hashtags: #WSW2019 #worldspaceweek #worldspaceweek2019 #SPACEIndia
  • Hold the event!
  • Report back the results of the event on [email protected]