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SPACE is a pioneer organisation with a legacy of 22 years in developing Astronomy, Space Science and STEM Education and Experiences at grassroots levels and beyond.

We are the world's largest Non-Government Organization that is popularizing Astronomy and Space Sciences across Schools, Hotels and Tourism industry. We have engaged 1M+ Students and inspired 1,000+ Schools through our products and services.

About Founder

Sachin Bahmba

CMD'S Message

Space and Astronomy is the future for the young generation of our country. This is a great means to inculcate scientific temperament among the masses. Such astronomy sessions will provide a hands-on learning platform to students wherein they explore the real world of science.

I wish for the young students to let their ambitions soar and think big as they are the future of our country.

We have reused more than 40,000 Plastic Bottles for carrying rocketry sessions at schools

Mr. Sachin Bahmba

CMD, Space Technology & Education Pvt. Ltd.

About CEO

Shivam Gupta, CEO & MD | SPACE Group

CEO'S Message

Education in any part of life is integral & to be involved in grassroots journey fills our purpose at Space. We are transforming Indian institutions to provide better learning opportunities through Experiential and Hands-on learning by imparting education in the niche and important field of Astronomy and Space Science, while being present at online platforms also so that our content is easily accessible.
Our content and experiences will prepare grassroots to become future Scientists, Explorers, Astronauts & Entrepreneurs who will lead the world with new innovations and discoveries. Imbibing scientific temperament is the need of the hour and we are passionate to help students find their true potential in an early stage of life.

Mr. Shivam Gupta

CEO & MD, Space Technology & Education Pvt. Ltd.

Our Mission

To develop and popularize astronomy in India and establish a global association with national & international space science agencies, societies, amateur, professional organisations, government agencies and science observatories.

Our Vision

To popularize hands-on science, astronomy and space science through fun-filled pioneering concepts, services and programs.



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