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Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd. also known as SPACE INDIA is a pioneer organisation with a legacy of 22 years in developing Astronomy, Space Science and STEM Education and Experiences at grassroots levels and beyond. The company is the parent company of the SPACE Group of companies.

We are the world's largest Non-Government Organization that is popularizing Astronomy and Space Sciences across Schools, Hotels and Tourism industry. We have engaged 1M+ Students and inspired 1,000+ Schools through our products and services.


Brahmand Education Services Pvt. Ltd. brings e-learning platform to make astronomy accessible to everyone around the world. Thousands of people are now a part of this fast-growing community based around Astronomy, Space and STEM.

Stars, constellations, galaxies, nebulae, and planets have mesmerized the human race…

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Discover the Astronomer in You “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in…

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Sky has always been a fascination. Whenever we look towards it, we…

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Space Technology and Eductaion Pvt. Ltd. brings schools based educational programs for students to inculcates 21st century skills as these programs are built on many years of research that are curated meticulously for different age groups and according to the National Educational Policies. The programs are designed to imbibe Scientific Temperament and make young minds learn science. It is a hands-on approach to learning and makes a student explore nature to derive science.

The whole philosophy of the school programs are:

  • I do - I understand
  • I understand – I learn

SPACE Astronomy Club aims to teach the students life skills through intelligent application of astronomy & space science…

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18 under 18 Fellowship

SPACE Explorers Workshops are specialized astronomy and space science theme-based workshops and are age-group specific…

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The Universe In The School Programme (UITS) is an Interdisciplinary Space, Astronomy & STEM Education…

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18 under 18 Fellowship

We provide Planetarium Education™(PE) K12 to schools across India. It is a holistic concept that connects the…

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18 under 18 Fellowship


Khagolshala (Astronomy and Space Lab) is a paramount inclusion of the lab infrastructure at institutes, enabling the esteemed institutions to introduce Astronomy and Space Education as well as Hands-On Experimentation among students at all levels. It aims in building a nurtured Scientific Ecosystem that promotes Research and Innovation at the school level.

Khagolshala Labs are a manifestation of the vision of NEW EDUCATION POLICY-2020 focusing more on Experiential Learning and creating well-rounded individuals equipped with STEM and key 21st-Century Skills. It enables students to think critically and solve problems, and how to innovate, adapt, and absorb new material in novel and changing fields.

To Set up Khagolshala Lab:

Space India regularly organises competitions and Olympiads at schools that aims to build the cosmic perspective at grassroots stage and build interest through initiatives that are based on Astronomy, Space Science and STEM competition. We encourage students to prove their skills and to unleash their creativity while participating. It’s an unique opportunity to receive certificates, awards, cash prizes, and global recognition across the listed Competitions/Olympiads mentioned below.

“Students’ scientific solar expedition to chase, study and admire the solar eclipses.”

Heliodyssey provides opportunities to the public and especially students to travel to Total Solar Eclipse locations around the world and work with scientists and astronomers to participate in scientific observations and experiments. The students, selected via competitions, get full sponsorship.

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Meet Our Mentors

Dr. Rajesh Hasija

Director Indraprastha Group Of Schools

Mrs. Meenu Goswami

Principal Bal Bharati Public School,

Mr. Laksh Vir Sehgal

Principal Bal Bharati Public School,
Ganga Ram Hospital Marg

Mr. AP Sharma

Director Principal Kundan Vidya Mandir School, Ludhiana

Ms. Madhulika Sen

Sr. Education Advisor

Mr. Anil Kumar

Principal Delhi Public School, Faridabad

Gunmeet Bindra

Principal Daly College, Indore

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why to pursue Astronomy & Space Sciences?

    Astronomy is more than mere stargazing. It is considered the foundation of all the sciences and is concerned with the evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology, and motion of celestial objects, as well as the formation and development of the universe. One of the important aspects of Astronomy is its ability to help us understand our place in the Universe, which can lead to development of personal humility while gaining a connection with the rest of humanity. Besides this, Astronomy, Space Science and Space Exploration is a thriving sector as the world’s leading organizations and Government bodies such as ISRO and NASA have been actively investing in the revolutionary sector. By pursuing Astronomy at this point of time with its high demand and growth, your child can be the next Astronaut, Astronomer, Explorers or Scientist!
  • Q. What kind of programs do you have for schools?

    We have various offline programs for schools such as SPACE Astronomy Clubs, SPACE Explorers Workshops, Universe in the School, SPACE Mobile Planetarium. In the online program, we have 10 days of Astronomy Camp as well as a year long iAstronomoner club for different age groups.
  • Q. What kind of skills can one develop being part of your programs?

    Our programs are designed to develop 21st century skills sets such as Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Creativity, Holistic development, Logical Reasoning, Experimentation & Inquiry-Driven Learning, Cognitive skills as well as Leadership & Team Building Skills.
  • Q. What are the future Career options if I take up Astronomy?

    Taking up Astronomy as a subject opens up lots of opportunities as it is an ever growing field. Based on the field of interest in Astronomy, one can pursue to become Amateur or Professional Astronomer, Astrophotographer, Space or Research Scientist, Astronomy Educator or Communicator, Astronaut, Meteorologist are just naming a few of them. One can also opt to work for national observatories, research centers, private industry, museums and planetariums, or in journalism and public relations.
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