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Sourajit Mandal

School Name: MatriKiran School, Gurgaon Class: 10A Sourajit is a […]

Chaitanya Sharma

 Class : 9th-C School : St. Martins’s Diocesan School He […]


 Class : 8C Roll No : 07 School : St. […]

Darsh Jain

 Class : 8C Roll No : 14 School : St. […]

Saesha Mishra

School- Amity International School, Noida Secured 3rd position in […]

Arnav Vashisht

School- Sri Venkateshwar International School Secured 2nd position in […]

Yash Swami

School– Sri Venkateshwar International School Secured 1st position in  Kalpana […]

Christine Shah

iAstronomer Astronomy Club since October 2021. She is an active member of the iAstronomer club meetings, Webcasts, “Ask an Astronomer” Webinars, Outreach events, etc. In September, one of the meeting topics was “Psyche mission”, Christine Shah made an instrument which is a Soda Bottle Magnetometer.